24 hour TV 

Cashless donation

We offer "24 hour TV Cashless donation" that allows viewers to easily participate in our charity.

1) With credit cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and GooglePay, donation starts from 500 yen, up to a maximum of 200 units (100,000 yen).
2) With LINE Pay, donation starts from 100 yen, up to a maximum of 100 units (10,000 yen).

3) With mobile carrier billing, only the following amounts will be accepted: 100 yen, 500 yen, 1,000 yen, 3,000 yen, and 5,000 yen.
* Some carriers and credit card companies may not be accepted.
* Donations will incur a deduction of the system usage fee.

Please enter your e-mail address below and click “Send”. You will receive a return e-mail promptly.


"24 hour TV Cashless donation" only accepts payment by credit card or mobile carrier billing. (Some carriers and credit card companies are excluded)
For other ways to donate, please visit the " 24 Hour TV " website (in Japanese).

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